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My command

> I have not received the order confirmation email
Our messages may have arrived in the spam box or an entry error may have been made on the email address during of the regulations. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer you.

> Modification or cancellation
As long as your order is not validated, it can be modified or canceled on simple request by e-mail or by telephone. Once your order has been validated by our services, you will receive an e-mail notification informing you. Your order is then sent to the workshop and can no longer be modified.

> Delivery times / delay
Our messages may have arrived in the spam box or an error on the e-mail address was made during payment. We will be happy to answer you.

> An error on the order received
Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible!
We will respond to you within 24 hours maximum.

My bill

> Are you sending the invoice in the package?
No. We do not send an invoice in our packages because the part of the purchases made on our site are gifts directly sent to their recipients.

> How can I recover my invoice?
The invoice for your order is available directly on our store.
You just have to go to Help > Order tracking
You need your order number and your email address.
Your invoice is downloadable in PDF format.

Our products

> Where are we based?
Our workshops are located in Germany and France: in Baden-Württemberg for Germany and in the Bourgogne-Franche Comté region for France.

> Where do our products come from?
We only source from European brands.
The vast majority of textile products on offer are made either in Portugal or South East Asia .

> What quality for our items?
All of our items are carefully selected and tested to suit our customers. Our hooded jackets are made of organic cotton, from fair trade and benefit from the best international certifications for their impeccable qualities. All of our jackets are designed in Europe.

> Where is the personalization of each item made?
In our own workshops! In order to guarantee the best quality of personalization for our customers, the markings, whether by printing or by embroidery, are carried out directly by us. It is the mark of our know-how.

> How are our products shipped?
Orders can be gifts sent directly to the person for whom they are intended. Our products are therefore shipped, without invoice, in a simple, flexible, neutral-colored, unmarked, tear-proof plastic envelope. The Le Kdo Cool brand appears only tiny on the shipping label. The invoice can be downloaded directly from our shop in the Help > Order tracking .

> Do we offer gift wrapping?
We do not currently offer gift wrapping. Our products are simply shipped, without invoice, in a flexible envelope or in a small box if the order is larger. The invoice can be downloaded directly from our shop in the Help > Order tracking .


> Where do you deliver to?

> What are the delivery options?

> What are the delivery costs?

> When are orders shipped?

> How many days for delivery?

> What are the final delivery times?

> What if I’m absent for the delivery?

> How do I track my package?

=> All our answers on our page DELIVERIES .

Group purchasing

> Do you make discounts for bulk orders?

> Can I have my own logo on my items?

=> All our answers on our page GROUP PURCHASES .

Returns / Refunds

> How to return an item?

> How will you be reimbursed?

> You wish to modify or cancel your order

> You have not received your package

> You have received your package but you are not satisfied with it

> You received your item but it arrived broken

=> All our answers on our page RETURNS / REFUNDS .

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