Customizable fleece jacket


Customizable fleece jacket


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Warm and comfortable customizable fleece!

It is always with pleasure and emotion that we put on an original and quality customizable fleece jacket. In particular, when made just for you.

First, stay warm in all circumstances with this original personalized fleece in micro-fleece fabric is specially tailored for women! Thanks to its particularly soft texture, you will have the impression of wearing your favorite blanket.

Moreover, this customizable fleece jacket will ideally complete your collection of warm clothes. Indeed, this hallway pass is a feminine and curved model that combines comfort and elegance. It is therefore a jacket with the most beautiful effect for long nights and cool days in mid-season!

Thanks to these advantages, it will perfectly accompany your outfits for your patients or your services in clinics and hospitals.

And on top of that, it’s a thoughtful and ideal gift idea for a nurse or a caregiver. Indeed, this fleece jacket can be personalized with the person’s first name and profession.

With this jacket, whether for yourself or as a gift, you will make a splash with your colleagues and patients!

Veste polaire passe-couloir infirmière aide-soignante

Veste polaire passe couloir détail de la poche

Entirely customizable inscriptions!

First of all, the text can be fully customizable: first name + job.

However, for aesthetic reasons, the length of the first name is limited to 11 characters.

Please take advantage of this exclusivity on the Boutique!

Features of the customizable fleece jacket:

  • 100% polyester micro-fleece.
  • OEKO-TEX quality label.
  • Weight: 280 g / m².
  • Washable at 40 ° C.
  • Two exterior front pockets.
  • No inside pockets.
  • Zipper at the front.
  • Feminine and quite slim fit.
  • Two-tone embroidery on the heart.
  • The embroidery fits in a square of 10 x 10 cm.
  • Customizable text

Jacket available in 9 colors. But which one will you choose?


Recommended job positions for this customizable fleece

Acupuncturist, Pharmacy aide, Home help, Laboratory assistant, Nursing assistant, Night nurse, Hospital reception worker, Hospital service worker, Logistics service worker, Service agent, Care agent, Early childhood agent, Ambulance attendant, Anesthesiologist, Dental Assistant, Gerontology Assistant, Life Assistant, Family Life Assistant, Pharmacy Assistant, Family Assistant, Assistant logistics, Medical assistant, Social worker, Ambulance assistant, Anesthetist auxiliary, Childcare assistant, Life support worker, Social worker, Pharmacy assistant, Early childhood assistant, Pharmaceutical assistant, Nursery assistant, Medical biologist, Stretcher bearer, Health manager, Cardiologist, Surgical practitioner, Surgeon, Dental surgeon, Pediatric Surgeon, Dermatologist, Dietitian, Medical Student, Nursing Student, Student Midwife, Etiopath, Student Nursing Assistant, Medical Student, Student Nursing, Student midwife, Gastroenterologist, Gynecologist, Hydrotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Nurse, Operating room nurse, Cardiology nurse, Neonatal nurse, Pediatric nurse, Advanced practice nurse, Psychiatric nurse, Radiotherapy nurse, Nurse trainer, Public health nurse, Liberal nurse, Pediatric nurse, Physiotherapist, Radiology manipulator, Doctor, Military doctor, Emergency physician, Naturopathic doctor, Nanny, Nutritionist, Ophthalmologist, Orthopedist, Speech therapist, Orthopedist, Orthoptist, Osteopath, Pediatrician, Pediatrician, Chiropodist, Pediatrician, Podiatrist, Pediatrician, Podiatrist, Podo-orthotist, Dental technician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Child psychologist, Clinical psychologist, Psychomotor therapist, Pediatric nurse, Radiologist, Radiotherapist, Laboratory receptionist, Midwife, First aid worker, Medical secretary, Laboratory technician, Urologist.
Your profession is not on the list? No worries, you can add it if you find a pattern you like.


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How thick this fleece is?

First of all, there are three types of fleeces :

  • Big fleeces (more than 300g/m2)
  • Intermediate polars (between 200 and 290g/m2)
  • Fine fleeces (less than 200g/m2)

Indeed, large fleeces are rather reserved for people who stay outside for a long time and are heavier to carry.

Plus, thin fleeces are designed for high intensity outdoor sports.

So, we made the choice of an intermediate fleece (280 g / m2) for the versatility of the garment, so that it can be used:

  • like a work garment that allows you to move from the inside to the outside, from one building to another,
  • like a comfort garment in a hospital environment for example. A thicker fleece would be heavier and often too warm indoors.


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